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March 06, 2005

Caption this, baby. You know you want to.

Instapundit, in the post I just cited here, writes the following about this photo:

Capt.Bei10403062029.Mideast Lebanon Syria Bei104

[AP caption:] "Syrian workers hold pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad as one cuts himself with a knife during a pro-Syrian demonstration in Beirut, Lebanon, Sunday, March 6, 2005. Man cuts himself to show his support and commitment to his president."

[LATER: I didn't notice this the first time, but is it me or does the guy in the middle give the impression that he'd rather be hanging out with the hot chicks? He's my brother, he's into knives and Assad, Mom said to keep an eye on him, what can you do? So, you free Saturday night?]

That's a good caption. Many other good ones spring to mind:

"What do you mean my Ass-ad 4-Ever tattoo looks 'gay'? I'm'a cut you!"

"Give us all your money, infidel! Can you not see that our Judas Priest cover band has so far only been able to afford one Rob Halford wristband?"

"According to DSM-IV, self-injury is a cry for help! Do you hear, little Satan? A cry for help!"

Got any good ones? Put 'em in the comments.

Update: My Pet Jawa's got a contest going on a similar photo.

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January 27, 2005

There once was a dictionary in limericks....

One that invites reader submissions, no less. The OEDLF (Omnificent Dictionary in Limerick Form) is addictive, if incomplete.

Not all the reader submissions really nail the meter of the limerick or the sense of the word they're defining. But when they do, it's so satisfying. Here's one of the several definitions of anagram:

With anagrams fun is in store.
They disclose what is hidden, and more.
"George Bush" is a name
Whose letters seem tame,
But they also can spell "He bugs Gore."

(by Chris Doyle)

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December 02, 2004

I, the prudent EtherPundit: Anagrams, Part II

"I, the prudent" is an anagram for EtherPundit. I've already written about my love for anagrams. I can't help myself: I had to delve for some more, this time for EtherPundit.

Anagrams for EtherPundit:

Pud tinter, eh?  As a matter of fact, the color is all natural! But thanks for noticing.

Hit DU, repent.  Because it's not nice to torment retards.

Dr. Petite Hun.  She's cute as a button, but watch out for that prostate exam.

Hindu petter.  Those Bollywood films get me all randy...

I tuned Perth.  An unusually good night for DX. I suspect tropospheric ducting.

Hup! Rid Tenet!  Hey ho, hey ho! George Ten-et has got to ...  he's gone, you say? Huh. Just as well.

Deep thin rut.  Every blogger's worst nightmare, and inevitable fate.

Hide pet runt.  If maw finds out you didn't drown that thing, there'll be hell to pay.

I.D. the punter!  Blimey, guv! I prefer to remain anonymous!

Nu, Dr. Epithet?  So now you're a doctor, suddenly it's okay to talk this way to your own mother? Such a foul mouth!

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November 26, 2004

EtherHouse: Seethe Hour

"Seethe Hour" is but one of many anagrams for "EtherHouse."

I've always been fascinated by word games, and anagrams are one of my favorites. A really suitable anagram is more than just wordplay -- it seems to reveal hidden truths about its subject.

Like "I, Rearrangement Servant" -- an anagram for Internet Anagram Server, a site I love to waste time at. There are other anagram sites, but this remains my favorite because of its simplicity, speed and power. I do find that the human touch is still required, but the program does some of the legwork for you.

More EtherHouse anagrams:

Treehouse "H". Any Simpsons fan will recognize this nickname for the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

There, sue OH. We all know Bush stole the state with the help of his minions at Diebold. Let the writs fly!

He tore US, eh? Our Canadian neighbors express their typically meddlesome opinion about the starkly divided electoral map.

Hetero hues. Hey, I can't help the sexual orientation I was born with! Lighten up, anti-breeder bigots!

Sheer Tue OH. Yes, Ohio was a tight race indeed on Tue Nov 3. I believe they didn't call it, in fact, until early Wed morning.



Hush Roe tee. I'm as pro-choice as the next person, but really: these kinds of garments do more harm than good.

Update: I anagrammed EtherPundit, too, and got slightly better results.

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