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February 02, 2005

Photo PROOF that captured "doll" is an actual American operative!

The blogosphere has been abuzz with self-styled "journalists" claiming the John Adam hostage photo is a "hoax." Summaries of the "evidence" were found at blogs such as Powerline, ASV, Myopic Zeal, Backcountry Conservative, and Wizbang. Ace of Spades even created a "humorous" top ten list designed to mock this sickening event, and ScrappleFace joined in the mockery.

However, as the file photo and story below conclusively prove, John Adam IS a real American soldier. Those who find this tragic story an occasion for humor should hang their heads in shame.


John Adam in a photo taken by his captors.
Teamamerica-1 File photo of
captured Military Man
John Adam with
other members of
Team America





FOX News, February 1 — A jihadi web site today gave Americans shocking evidence that “freedom isn’t free."

Derkaderkistani insurgents, working with terrorist leader al-Zarqawi, have captured Team America member John Adam, an operative under deep cover. A photograph of Adam, bound and seated in front of a flag proclaiming, “There is no god but God and Muhammed is his prophet” was displayed on a web site frequently used by terrorist groups. "Our mujahedeen heroes of Iraq’s Jihadi Battallion were able to capture American military man John Adam,” said a statement on the web site. "If you wish to see his safe return, we demand a hefty f@#%in' fee."

Disturbing proof of the terrorists’ claim to be holding Adam was revealed by Team America Leader Colonel Spotswoode at a hastily arranged press conference. “They appear to have inside intelligence,” said Spotswoode. “Only an insider would know that John holds the official rank of Military Man.”

“Team America members Gary, Chris, Sara, Lisa, and Joe have been deployed to Iraq to save the motherf%$#@ day, yeah,” Spotswoode added, warning the captors, “Terrorists, your game is through, ‘cause now you have to answer to America, F%#@ Yeah!”


Update: In what appears to have been a botched rescue operation, Team America operative Gary Johnston has apparently been captured by Iraqi militants...   Developing...



But seriously, folks.

I’m proud to say I believe I was the first blogger to detect the "score political points by pwaying wif dollies" meme — see here and here.

I had no idea it would go so far, but honestly, I greatly prefer it to the “beheading actual people” meme.






The next kidnap victim?

I have a 12-inch talking Rummy doll. Press a button and he declines to answer questions. Press again and he talks about “known knowns” versus “known unknowns.” Press again and he slyly insults the press corps. Very realistic. May I suggest the jihadis kidnap my Talking Rummy the next time they need to make a big statement? I’d gladly volunteer him to save a real soldier.

Posted by EtherPundit at February 2, 2005 12:30 AM   Category: Current Affairs , Greatest Hits , Mockery

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What, do you think this is some kind of GAME?!

Posted by: Mick McMick at February 2, 2005 02:52 PM

Wow. Folding the plot from 24 into the photo hoax story. I'm totally impressed!

Posted by: mike hollihan at February 2, 2005 06:39 PM

Aw, shucks. Wasn't nothin'.

And thanks for the link, Mike!

Posted by: EtherPundit at February 3, 2005 08:21 AM

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